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E3: Bethesda

Jonathan Tom

I’m going to let wikipedia do the talking to explain what E3 is: “The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly referred to as E3, is a premier trade event for the video game industry. Presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), it is used by many developers, publishers, and hardware and accessory manufacturers to introduce and advertise upcoming games and game-related merchandise to retailers and members of the press.” This evening’s conference was from Bethesda and I happen to be sitting on my couch watching it so I decided to jot down my thoughts here… feel free to read or pass over this post. If you do read on please be aware that this is pretty unedited stream of consciousness style writing; you’ve been warned.


I really like the introduction video that they played showcasing a lot of the behind the scenes people - I think there should be more of that. Not only does it show the people involved but it’s interesting.

Rage 2: the intro with @AndrewWK and Band seemed to be not quite what the audience wanted but that could have been the audience shots that the director decided to use. The game itself looks beautiful for another dystopian world game - it looks to be fast paced enough to be interesting, just not sure if it’s going to be worth whatever-AAA-titles-go-for-these-days interesting. It reminds me vaguely of Doom which I haven’t played in years. I’m interested in seeing what the storyline is for this game.

Elder Scrolls: Legends (Card Game): They announced upgrades to the game… Not really my type of game but the fact that it looks to be inter-platform will probably make it popular. It looks to be a Free-to-Play style game which could quickly (de)evolve into pay-to-win.

Elder Scrolls Online: Wolf Hunter DLC: Clearly a lot of people like this style of game - this particular one has 11 million players, was named MMO of the Year.

Doom Eternal: The intro trailer looked pretty cool and the music was a nice throwback to the previous Dooms (metal-ish). Twice as many demons is a lot of new demons… there were quite a few in the previous game.

Quake Champions: First released in 1996 (I remember this from High School) - community manager seems to be leading into esports. Calling Quake the original esport… is this leading to major competitions? I can’t say I was terribly impressed with the graphical quality of the trailer they showed. They are offering a free play trial this week with an offer to stay free continuing on after this week for those that get in early. Sort of tells me they’re struggling to get players…

Prey: New modes starting today Story, New Game Plus, Survival. Announcing a new DLC called Mooncrash. Prey fans are going to drop a lot of time into this DLC - it’s different every time it’s played. Personally, I like the music choice for the trailer score (Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Right Round). Later this summer they are releasing another game type similar to hide and seek 1v5 style.

Wolfenstein: Coming to Nintendo Switch?! Whoa… Next project: Wolfenstein: Young Blood is set in the 1980s in Paris and features the main characters twin daughters. It’ll be a coop experience (crowd seemed really happy about that). Trailer looked alright, VO was engaging but there wasn’t much since it’s not slated for release until 2019.


Prey Typhin (sic) Hunter will be in VR and Wolfenstein: Cyber Pilot which will be a separate title where you’ll be a hacker who takes over Nazi bots and turns them on their masters.

Fallout 76

Todd Howard, Game Director for Bethesda Studios - somewhat of a rock start in the developer community from what I’m told. In 25 years at Bethesda Todd’s been around a while - having been to the very first E3 in LA. And the crowd gets meme’d hard announcing Skyrim on the Amazon Alexa. Very well done! Very. Well. Done.

Prequel to all other Fallouts (4x the size of Fallout 4). Set in West Virginia, player is the first to emerge into an untamed wasteland. Using Country Roads was a nice touch on the trailer given that the song specifically talks about West Virginia. The graphics in the trailer (yes, I know it’s not gameplay) is stunning - Todd is touting 16x the detail of previous versions. Apparently there are going to be some pretty cool new creatures - this looks kind of neat. One big difference with this game: “each of the characters is a real person” so this is entirely online which means you’ll be able to interact with actual players. Emphasis on the fact that you can play solo… that’s good. It’s not “Hardcore Survival” - death doesn’t mean loss of experience or anything.

More videos “Training Videos from Vaultec”. These videos are showing off more of the game play and it looks pretty great - visually stunning. Open world building with the option to move your buildings - this is pretty cool. I like the building aspect of the game. I wonder how that building will all work with the multi-player action. They’re adding in nuclear weapons sites - players will need to collect launch keys and, once they have one, they can launch nuke at anywhere on the map. WHAT?!

Announcing a b.e.t.a. (break-it early test application… haha very funny).

Special collector’s edition includes a map of the world that glows in the dark, figures you can put on the map, and a replica of the power armour helmet. Not something I’m going to be buying but some people certainly will.

Releasing: Nov 14, 2018 - this year and in time for Christmas. I may not be buying the collector’s edition but I might spring for the regular one.

Elder Scrolls: Blades - something else?! A first person RPG on mobile devices… again, not for me (I’m not a big mobile gamer) but I know there will be people waiting to play it in droves.

A new single player game… all new franchise… their first original franchise in 25 years. Starfield is the name, it seems sci-fi. And beyond THAT… Elder Scrolls VI. The teaser was literally just a quick shot and the title but, as Todd said, this is WAY in the future.