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a thousand dollar phone

Jonathan Tom

The big question I keep hearing since last week’s Apple Event is all about the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten, but more on that later), “do I need a thousand dollar phone”? IMHO, the answer is no, especially if you’re asking the question. While I am, what I would call an Apple Fanboy, I am also strongly of the opinions that (a) you should use technology that you agree with, and (b) you should use technology that meets your needs.

Will I be getting the iPhone X? It’s pretty likely going to be ‘yes’. Do I still have some concerns with it? Also a ‘yes’. While the technology itself isn’t new, it is new to Apple products and that makes it somewhat volatile. On that topic there are a few of my more troll-like friends who like to point out that Android devices had most of this technology first. While ‘first’ is great and all, I’m happy to wait a little while for ‘right’.

So who is this phone for then? In short, I suppose it’s for people who want the top of the line, cutting (or bleeding) edge device. It goes without saying that these are people who have to be able to afford that kind of financial hit too. I think Apple realizes this too which is why they have the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus or even the older 6/6Plus and 7/7Plus available at lower price points.