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walk on water


walk on water

Jonathan Tom

As some of you know, the company I work with was just on a project for the band “Thirty Seconds to Mars”. The project in question was their premier of a new single called “Walk on Water” at the MTV Video Music Awards. The concept was straightforward - the band wanted to use infrared FLIR cameras to really put a different spin on the visuals in the presentation. We got involved several weeks before the VMAs to help bring together a piece of tech that isn’t normally used for entertainment and the performance that the band wanted to give.

After having seen the finished product I was, of course, impressed with the job, but also struck by the fact that the final product could be seen as race agnostic. What I mean by that is that, by watching the camera’s output, there is no way to know that Jared Leto is white and no way to know that Travis Scott is black. As far as the camera is concerned it doesn’t matter. Whether or not this was intended in the artistic design is unknown but I thought it was interesting to think about.

Anyway, here is a video of the song in question in case you hadn’t seen it: