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Jonathan Tom

THe significance of that number is not (or should not) be lost on any Canadians. July 1st, 1976; New Brunswick, Noca Scotia, and the Province of Canada were proclaimed to be united into one Dominion of Canada. Some basic math, along with just about every major Canadian media outlet, tells us that this year is Canada's 150th birthday which is a big deal for us.

Living in the nation's capital has a lot of perks but this year particularly holds quite a few bonuses. If you are in town, even for a short period of time, it's worth checking the Ottawa 2017 Website to see what events are taking place. There's something for everyone; the Red Bull Crashed Ice back in March looked like a lot of fun.

We just concluded La Machine which was a large scale moving art installation consisting of huge robotic puppets (a spider and a dragon) - I went and saw one of the exhibitions with the dragon wandering around an area of town known as the Byward Market.

You get the idea, there's a lot going on this year but I'll leave you with one more which is still going on through September so there's at least one listing here that you can still see and it's not just me going "look at all these cool things you missed"!

This one is another art installation called Kontinuum and it's from Montreal's own Moment Factory. The premise behind Kontinuum has to do with the construction of the new LRT in the city - ostensibly, while digging the Lyon St. station the workers discovered a wall of light which I won't go too much into here as you can read it on the website's story section. The bottom line is that you can now visit this dig site and experience the anomoly for yourself.

If you find yourself in town let me know using the mail link at the top right side of the page and I'll be happy to point you to in the direction of some cool things.