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North to Alaska

Jonathan Tom

I have to admit that I didn't think I would find myself back in Alaska so soon. After leaving the Koningsdam and flying home to pay my taxes like the good citizen I am I was shortly thereafter recalled to cover two weeks on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Now this ship hold a special place in my heart since it was the first HAL ship I had the pleasure of working on in the shipyard.  

The ship's staff may have changed somewhat, the ship may be a few years older, but the itinerary is the same as I traveled last year aboard the Noordam. Alaska's inside passage has not changed since then and that is most assuredly a good thing. This is the only itinerary in the world where I am confident in saying that the last sea day is, by far, the best day of the voyage.

As much as I like this itinerary, and Alaska in general, I am looking forward to getting home to finish my vacation before flying out to Amsterdam to relieve Sam as Production Manager for the Koningsdam. For now, there's nothing to be done except enjoy the Pacific Northwest!