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new positions

Jonathan Tom

For the last couple of months I have been in Europe; the Mediterranean to be precise. I was a part of the new build team for the ms Koningsdam launched in April from Venice, Italy. Normally my role with the company is that of Entertainment Technical Manager but with the new ship there have come new technologies which required new roles.

I stepping in to help form one of these new roles, that of Media Technician. As you might deduce from the title it's a position primarily oriented around video. The new ship has taken several large strides into the video realm by adding several screens around the ship.

A VER wall, roughly 950 by 576, in the Queen's Lounge where the BB King All Stars perform six nights a week. An outdoor screen in the Lido Midship area supplied by Daktronics. To top it all off a VER wall roughly 15000 x 1000 (yes, that's right fifteen thousand pixels wide) in the World Stage.

The video servers of choice for our company during this installation are d3 4x4 machines with VFC cards. These are some pretty beefy computers capable of outputting (in our configuration) sixteen HD screens in addition to the operator GUI each.

The experience of working with this technology was exhilarating but it's not a role I could take on permanently. This has nothing to do with the position and I had not foreseen it either. As it turns out I very much enjoy being the leader of the team. Not so much as in the way of being the boss but being in the loop on much of the information coming to us as crew members. I have to admit that as a technician prior to having been in the managerial role I didn't realize how little information I was getting.