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Atlantic Recap

Jonathan Tom

I think the last time I wrote we had only just set sail from Spain and we were about to begin the Atlantic crossing on the Koningsdam. The multiple sea days were actually fairly uneventful *knock on wood* and the guests seemed to enjoy themselves despite being stuck onboard. I fully understand that some people really enjoy the whole being "at sea" part but I feel like that's overrated; then again, it's probably just me.

The cruise after our arrival in Fort Lauderdale was a short one but a pretty busy one. Given that it was the ship's first call in the United States we had a sort of mini-inaugural cruise. Honestly, while it was busy, it was enjoyable to work something so high profile and with so many different VIPs to work with. 

As you may have guessed by the tone of the post, I'm currently at home where it has been snowing pretty much all day. I rather enjoy the snow and I'll take it any day... any day over the oppressive humidity. At the moment, I'm slated to go back to sea January 14th on the Eurodam (if anyone is headed that way leave me a message) but first I get to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family on land.

So while I'm sure I'll have another post before Christmas I felt like you deserved an update since it has been a while.