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winding down

Jonathan Tom

It's raining today in Juneau. Anyone familiar with the Alaska summer season is already rolling their eyes and muttering something about the "liquid sunshine" being normal for the region. Yes, I know quite well that it's normal but it never ceases to surprise me how the weather here changes so suddenly at the end of the season; one day is beautiful and sunny and then the next is overcast and pouring rain.

Fortunately I got most of my hiking cravings satisfied at the beginning of the season in Skagway. Now I am content to wander off to these little coffee shops to have a warm beverage and some internet time. As I write this though, my coffee is getting a little cooler and several members of the cast have just arrived so the volume is starting to rise and the bandwidth is sure to fall.

Understand that these people are my friends and I like them all but when it comes to my internet I'm pretty protective. I have been known to give away a lesser quality internet cafe to keep my current spots "safe". 

Soon enough we'll be starting our repositioning from Alaska to Australia and then it'll only be a few weeks until I'm flying to the next city. For now though, I'm in Alaska just winding down.

On a side note, my friend Rich Perkin is taking part in the Clipper Round the World yacht race which started out of London yesterday. He's a part of team Garmin so follow them and their progress here (at present they are in 4th place).