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Ottawa, Ontario

Just a little corner of the interwebz where I occasionally jot down a thought or two. Why do I do it? Partly to communicate in some way with you, the reader, and partly because it's some sad way of leaving a legacy of some kind I guess.


i used to be a warlock

Jonathan Tom

Those of you who have known me for a while will know that I used to be a pretty big World of Warcraft fan a few years ago but I kind of lost interest and stopped playing. Recently I discovered Twitch, a service that allows people to broadcast their video gaming. I know, I know but trust me, it's way more interesting than it sounds.

Originally I tuned in to watch people playing Hearthstone to pick up some strategies but honestly, so many of the broadcasters that I watched just didn't have any real charisma. That is, until I came across this guy streaming World of Warcraft who goes by the handle Ducksauce. This guy has that broadcaster charisma which is mainly because he's an actor based out of New York. His real name is Matthew Rhode.

Anyway, I digress. Having watched him for a few days over the last couple of weeks I can safely say that if I was going to be staying on land for a significant amount of time I would probably get back into playing WoW. So, I suppose that's a plus for going out to sea!