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where the ladies at

Jonathan Tom

So today, while being a normal person (read: sitting in Starbucks with my morning coffee), I was reading an article on the Telegraph about he marginalization of women in the film and television industry. The article suggests that over the last twenty years there has been a decline in the number of women both in front and behind the camera in the Film and Television industry. Based on the article though it seems the study was limited to "writers, film producers and directors" so it's hard to tell if that figure is skewed since e vast majority of positions lie outside those roles.

In the interest of being open with you, or at least those who don't know me as well as most of my readers, I work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Though most of it is in the live performance area have worked in film and I still have quite a few friends who work in that sub-section of the industry (both male and female).

Before I get flamed I want to preface the below by saying that many of the women I do know in the industry are very competent technicians (and managers) who can perform the jobs just as well or even better than many of the men I know in those roles. While I would agree that there tend to be fewer women in most of the technical roles I'm not sure that's entirely to do with the industry being misogynistic or rather more of the interest level among women compared to men when it comes to that kind of work.

I'd be interested to hear thoughts on whether this trend is noticeable in other industries or if it's limited to the film and television genre.