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Jonathan Tom

It's that time, the keynote for Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference is underway. For those unable to watch it, here's the rundown:

  1. OS X 10.10 Yosemite announced.
    1. New "flat" look.
    2. New Notification Centre; seems to replace dashboard.
    3. The icons have all been updated.
    4. Big applause for "dark mode" where the UI goes from white to 50% grey.
    5. New Spotlight looks like it's stolen from Alfred.
    6. iCloud Drive; looks like they realized what they were missing when we lost iDisk.
    7. Mail Drop, integration with iCloud Drive to send large files.
    8. Safari implementing more with RSS; do people still use RSS?
    9. Their new "markup" feature looks exactly like Skitch.
    10. Cross platform AirDrop; called Handoff.
    11. Instant Hotspot; automatically join your phone's connection.
    12. SMS messages are no longer limited to iPhones.
    13. Caller ID now works on your mac when someone calls your phone.
    14. Calling from your mac on your iPhone shown by calling Dr. Dre.
    15. Released this fall; developers get it today.
  2. iOS 8 announced.
    1. Pulldown on text message notifications to respond.
    2. Swipe notifications on the lock screen to clear them.
    3. App switcher also presents recent people.
    4. iOS Mail looks like it's taken a cue or two from MailBox.
    5. Mail's handling of  drafts works much better than the original.
    6. Quicktype support, looks like Swiftkey.
    7. iMessage allows you to DND individual conversations.
    8. Sending multimedia seems easier - can talk or video by touch and hold.
    9. Healthkit is announced to support the Health app.
    10. Family Sharing; the digital refrigerator door.
    11. Photos now shared via the cloud to all devices.
    12. Pricing for storage with apple is competitive with Google.
    13. "Hey Siri" is the new "Ok Google"
    14. Shazam song recognition
    15. Systemwide keyboard installation; like "swype".
    16. TouchID API allowing 3rd party apps to use TouchID.
    17. Home Kit: tying together multiple systems with a common protocol; awesome.
  3. For the developers:
    1. New programming language; swift.

I've been impressed with the new spotlight; I can't wait to get my hands on it and have a play around to see how it stacks up to my preferred Alfred.

The new iCloud Drive looks like it's going to try and compete with well established companies like Google and Dropbox. The Mail Drop feature looks interesting but I'm not sure I really run into problems with sending massive emails.

Having Skitch-like features OS-wide in markup could be a big challenge for Skitch-owner Evernote.

It's pretty interesting to hear about the tie-in of HealthKit to the Mayo Clinic. When you take a blood pressure reading it automatically updates the Mayo Clinic to get you speedier assistance if needed.

Family sharing looks very cool; you can now share all things, including apps, music and movies, between 6 family members. Question is, do they actually have to be family members?

Apple's price point for storage plans is on par with Google; 200GB for $3.99 / month.

For developers: systemwide keyboards, global access to touchID, health kit, home kit... lots of really promising things in this announcement. Home Kit has me very excited; they are bringing Siri Integration to it which means you can perform things like "Hey Siri, open the garage door".

A whole new programming language called swift. This is a huge change for those people coming up with new apps; though for the general users this is all just gibberish.