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size vs portability

Jonathan Tom

They say the best camera is the one you have with you; actually, I think that was Chase Jarvis that said that but I might be mistaken. Now that I'm traveling significantly more with my new job, the likelihood of me carrying my camera with all it's associated paraphernalia is more and more unlikely. If I'm not going to have it with me then what good is a great dSLR?

To that end, my father, has a Fuji-film X100s which is a digital throwback to older small body rangefinder cameras. I've had a brief play with it but nothing that I would call in depth since, at the time, I was happy with my camera. I still am happy with my camera but I feel like it's not really doing me any good if it sits in my condo collecting dust and only comes out within the city when I'm out photographing around town.

I don't need another camera but I think I would miss having the flexibility of having some really nice glass like the 24-70 f/2.8 on there... Part of me says I should get a small body camera such as the X100s and keep the dSLR too for concert photography but that means an additional cost of somewhere around the $CAD 1200 mark and I'm not sure I would consider that within the budget at the moment.

What say you peoples of the interwebs? New camera or sell the old gear and replace it with the new one?