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ring it in

Jonathan Tom

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. While New year celebrations for the majority of the planet are a time to celebrate and consume copious amounts of alcohol in the name of turning over a new leaf or starting a new year, I would ask you to keep in mind the people who are working when the year portion of your calendar rolls over. I know that people here are reading this and thinking that this is all about entertainment technicians but to them I would say "Try to have an open mind; broaden your perspective" because this isn't just about technicians.

It's about technicians, bands, actors, emcees, performers... Yes. It's also about the other services that need to run all the time to make sure life continues. While I'm sure I'm going to miss some, the first ones that come to mind are fire fighters, police, nurses, doctors, public transit workers and range all the way to the guys (and girls) who clean up afterwards, the people who ensure there is electricity flowing to all these venues, the people who ensure there are safe ways for your drunk ass to get home and the people who are around to make sure that you can get to a hospital if you're dumb enough to drive intoxicated.

For these people the stroke of midnight is nothing more than another minute on the clock. Sure, there are some small celebrations with co-workers but by and large, it's just another day for them; for us. Could I go to the bar after finishing up tonight? Sure but then I'd be the sober one surrounded by friends who are way to wasted to remember that I was even there.

This shouldn't be construed as a complaint; I enjoy my job and I also had a pretty good time tonight ensuring that everyone else had a great time and I'm sure most of the other people working with me tonight feel the same. It's just a little nudge to remember the other people when you ring it in.