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Jonathan Tom

There's been ongoing issues with Adobe's Creative Cloud updater and I've been sitting back an hoping that things would be resolved in an update to the updater but so far there's been no such advance and it's pretty frustrating.  In a perfect world you should simply click on the button that reads "update" next to the application in question and the updater should download the update and install.

Unfortunately what happens is that the installation gets to 50% and then produces an error message: 

Adobe Creative Cloud Error

There doesn't seem to be any way around it - some posts that I have read recommend going to Adobe's website and downloading it manually. The trouble with this is that when you click the link for downloading on the site it opens the updater which then promptly fails again.

Now, I know there are always kinks to work out but it's pretty upsetting to have to completely uninstall an application and re-download it again just to keep up to date.  Why Adobe? Why can't you sort out your issues rather than simply pointing to an article that tells us to restart our machines. I suppose that would be acceptable if it worked...