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Red Weddings

Jonathan Tom

For those of you who are watching Game of Thrones on television and who have not read the books, or simply don't want to hear about the most recent episode, you should stop reading right now as I can't be held responsible for any spoilers following this warning.

I should be forthcoming and admit that I haven't yet watched the episode that everyone is up in arms about but I know what section of the books was in last night's episode and I remember how I felt when the red wedding took place. It's an incredible feeling when a major character is killed unexpectedly but the sense of betrayal I felt after reading about the murders by the Freys; that was a whole new level of shock.

Knowing what was coming in the episode last night and knowing that many of my friends had not read the books but had decided to watch the television series instead left me with a sense of anticipation to see and read their reactions this morning. I was most definitely not disappointed and I took pleasure in knowing what they were feeling after having seen it. I think Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark puts the reaction well in this vine video:

I'm looking forward to getting caught up on the series after I go back to the ship, where I will consume the massive amounts of content I stockpiled while on vacation though!