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Jonathan Tom

I have been a Photoshop user for quite some time now, I own Adobe's Creative Suite 5 Design Premium and I'm a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. However today, we got some news that, I believe, will cause some pretty large ripples with Adobe's users. The news is that CS6 will be the last product that we can purchase and actually own from Adobe; all future products are moving to a rental model using Adobe's Creative Cloud which will run you $20 a month for single application or $50 a month for all of them.

While I understand that Photoshop is, quite likely, the worlds most pirated program and that this method may discourage pirating attempts further - I think it's going to do more to hurt the company than to benefit them. This information isn't all bad news though, it gives applications such as GIMP and Acorn a real opportunity to jump in and grab up the customers that Adobe will be hemorrhaging.

I'll keep using Photoshop for the near future but I don't see myself moving to a subscription based service for something I should really own. Going forward I'll be evaluating the competition and likely moving away from Photoshop as improvements start working themselves into newer versions.

There's been no word on whether Lightroom will be available outside of Creative Cloud. I sincerely hope that it will continue to be available because it would be a real shame to also lose that application.

UPDATE: I generally like to consider myself to be pretty well informed but, in this case, it seems that mass media hysteria did get the better of me. Am I saying that I've completely reversed my stance on Creative Cloud? No. I'm still not a big fan of not actually owning the software but after reading a few blog posts from people I trust who were at AdobeMAX I'm slightly less leery of the whole deal.