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Jonathan Tom

For all of you photographers out there Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo has just given you a reason to smile. She may have lost her marbles but the payoff is that Flickr is now pretty much free to all and users now get a terabyte of storage space for their photos. What does this mean to you? Well, if you shoot with a mobile phone camera it stands to reason that it's somewhere in the vicinity of 8 megapixels; that means you should be able to store a little over 436,000 images. Yes, almost half a million images.

By now, any normal human being is thinking "what's the catch"? There are some ads but, to be honest, I've only just signed back in after having abandoned Flickr a few years ago for Smugmug. Should you abandon your Smugmug or 500px account for this reborn Flickr? No. In fact, I don't even think they're in the same league. I still see Flickr as more of a tool for amateur photographers and the other two being more geared towards the professionals. I should interject here before I get flamed, there are some really amazing photographers on Flickr - but there's quite a bit more to support the professional on the other two sites.

By all means though, you should check out the newly revamped Flickr and give it a test drive. A free terabyte of storage for your photos? Why not?