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we don't need no stinkin' paper

Jonathan Tom

I've decided to try going paperless. It seems to be a bit of a buzz term these days but I think it might be a useful evolution from the filing cabinet. My trepidation comes mostly from the fact that I'm a little paranoid to have all my eggs in one digital basket. What if something happens and tomorrow morning we wake up and whatever service I'm using has suddenly ceased to exist? Speaking of services I'm going to go with Evernote as it seems fairly well established and a leader in the field. 

The advantages are obvious though; everything you could possibly need access to, information-wise, is accessible from any internet connection including all of my mobile devices. How convenient will it be to toss all of my potential tax write-off receipts into a notebook in Evernote and then simply pull that notebook up at the end of the tax year for my accountant? I'm curious about other people though, how many people are fully paperless and does it work for them?

My final push to really take a shot at this way of organizing came from an article by Katie Floyd, a litigator and co-creator of the Mac Power Users Podcast. The article, in question is entitled "How I Organize Documents in Evernote" and, if you're at all interested in going paperless I would recommend reading it. If any of you have gone paperless and used Evernote to accomplish this I'd be more than interested in hearing your strategies!