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four minutes from now

Jonathan Tom

As of about four minutes from now, I will have been on vacation for a week. It almost feels longer than that but I think that's mostly because I'm so acclimatized to being busy and doing something every day that when I don't have anything specific to do (other than visit the local coffee shop) it feels like the days just mosey along. Yes, I just used the term mosey in one of my blog posts.

While I'm on vacation, and while I'm on contract, one of my favourite pass-times is to create mock travel plans. I'm sure that at least one of them will come to pass but I have priorities here! Back to my travel plans though; I'm throwing a few ideas around at the moment. 

  • Las Vegas: I usually go for a week and stay at a moderate to nice place but I was thinking of perhaps going for a much shorter stay, perhaps a weekend, and staying at an upscale hotel along the lines of one of the Sky Suites at Aria. Obviously there would be shows involved and the requisite visits with friends some local and some not.
  • New York City: A place I used to love, a place I've not been in over a decade, a place I wouldn't mind saying hello to again after all this time. I now have a few friends who live there and I've not visited in ages; it would be nice to photograph the city again.
  • St. Louis: A fairly recent addition to my list of places to visit due to meeting some really cool people from here over the last year or so. With the city's connections to music and beer compounded by the view of the infamous arch and the friends who live there or near there it's become a fairly attractive trip.
  • Orlando: Sometime around mid-April Orlando's conference centre will host Photoshop World, a pretty awesome conference for photoshop professionals and photographers. Having been a member of NAPP for several years and an amateur photographer for even longer it's another appealing trip.

Along the way I need to make one or two trips into Toronto to visit friends and meet with a few people in the industry. From now until my next assignment will be a while and while I've said I do have things I need to attend to, I should have time for a trip or two.