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Ottawa, Ontario

Just a little corner of the interwebz where I occasionally jot down a thought or two. Why do I do it? Partly to communicate in some way with you, the reader, and partly because it's some sad way of leaving a legacy of some kind I guess.


an open letter

Jonathan Tom

There's something great about waking up next to someone. Someone who doesn't mind that you both have morning breath. Someone who realized that those little quirks that you have are kinda cute.

To all the women in my past, present, and future, thank you. Not some pathetic thank you for laying me, but a thank you for sharing a part of yourselves with me. Thank you for those 3am caresses when we're both too tired to keep going, but too fascinated by each other to stop. Thank you for the way you smell, you taste, for the way your soul responds to us. For all the women I should have loved, to the women I didn't know I loved, or wouldn't admit I loved until it was too late, and all those I couldn't or wouldn't let myself love even though I should have, here's to you.

Enjoy this world, this life, because you've all been a part of both my life and my world, and it's all here for you, for the taking, so enjoy it because you've already made it worthwhile for me. And whether it's me doesn't matter, that's not what life is about, but I hope someone has made it worthwhile for you.

I post this same thing every year but its really an excerpt from another blog authored by my friend Rich Perkin.