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Ottawa, Ontario

Just a little corner of the interwebz where I occasionally jot down a thought or two. Why do I do it? Partly to communicate in some way with you, the reader, and partly because it's some sad way of leaving a legacy of some kind I guess.


goodbye old friend

Jonathan Tom

Today I said goodbye to an old friend. He's been with me for a long time and together, we've traveled the world. Some adventures we've shared and others apart, like the time we got separated in the Mediterranean with @HALcruises and he was behind us by a few days until we got back to our home port of Civitavecchia. To say that I couldn't have been to half the places I've traveled to without him would be a massive understatement and although he's been replaced, I'll never forget him.

Farewell my dear old suitcase; my venerable and long time friend. You just aren't able to keep up the way you used to and while the new you is fancier and rolls more smoothly, I'll never forget the travels we shared.