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ok, do this

Jonathan Tom

Those of you who follow photographer Jeremy Cowart may have heard last week that he was producing a new photography app for the iOS market called Ok Do This.

He claimed that the social aspect of photography was always after the photo was taken. You shoot the photograph and then you share it. Why couldn't the social aspect come into play before the photograph is made?

Ok Do This tries to give a social community inspiration to create a photograph and what's more! it allows you, the photographer, to contribute to the community by submitting your own "Do's" to inspire others.

It has only just been released today and I have downloaded it to give it a go but I haven't played with it enough to be able to give you much of an opinion on it quite yet. It's been pushed hard by people who are, to me at least, some respected names in the photography community. People such as Scott Kelby, Peter Hurley and Zack Arias.

Come join the fun, download the $1.99 app and look me up; I'm ewokninja.