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war, what is it good for

Jonathan Tom

Today there was an incident at LAX involving a single shooter with an AR-15 assault rifle. One could simply shake their head and mutter something about America and while it's true that our southern neighbors do seem to have quite a few issues with these types of events it would be ignorant of us to think that they don't happen elsewhere as well.

I should mention, before I go on, that I lost power shortly before the incident occurred and have not, as of yet, gotten it back so my facts here are almost purely from twitter. There's something to be said for sourcing facts purely from a social media site but that's another blog post entirely.

Moving forward, the event as I understand it, started about 9:30 AM PST when a single man opened fire in one of the LAX terminals. I'm not sure about the location but if the shooting took place inside one of the terminals wouldn't that mean that the shooter somehow got through airport security with not only a weapon, but an assault rifle?

At last report there were no mentions of fatalities and only a passing mention of seven injuries. Clearly, at this point though, details about such things haven't been released because families would need to be notified first.

Guns. While I like to consider myself an educated and worldly man and while I understand that the constitution gives Americans the right to bear arms, I have to admit that I do think a lot of trouble stems from how simple it is to obtain a firearm. I'm not going to be so naïve as to say that all shootings could be prevented by tougher gun laws or banning them altogether because we all know that the truly determined will always find a way to get their hands on a weapon.

What is the solution to the problem? I don't know but if gun restriction laws are the way to stymie then I, for one, am for them. I can hear the uproar from my pro-gun friends already but I challenge them to say that a problem doesn't exist with fire arms today and to offer a solution to the issue. Come on, how about we start with assault rifles?!