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off again

Jonathan Tom

I've been home for almost two weeks now and I'll be off again very early this Saturday morning. I fly to Fort Lauderdale via Toronto starting around 4:00am. The up side to this is that I'm only really gone for a week; that's right, I'm joining the Eurodam for a week to handle the Malt Shop Memories cruise for Entertainment Cruise Productions.

We'll be stopping at Holland America's private island, Half Moon Cay, Sait Maarten, Tortola and Nassau on this cruise and the headliners include Neil Sedaka, Four Tops, Petula Clark and Bobby Rydell among others. While the music of the fifties isn't really my thing, I do recognize some of the names and I can appreciate their talent all the same.

This cruise and the music featured on it though, is one that my parents have expressed an interest in. I imagine they are familiar with just about every artist listed in the line up. It makes me wonder what one of these cruises will look like thirty or forty years from now when I am the target demographic for these cruises. Who will the artists be? Will the artists that would be on these cruises still be able to rock given the amazing difference in lifestyles between artists in the fifties and artists in the eighties and nineties?