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jet setting

Jonathan Tom

Today I watched the Westerdam sail away from San Diego's B Street Pier without me. I should say that this was intentional; I wrapped up my contract on that ship with a Soul Train Cruise and a Smooth Jazz Cruise for Entertainment Cruise Productions.  If you haven't heard about these cruises it would be well worth your while to investigate one or two; they also produce a Straight Ahead Jazz CruiseCountry Music Cruise, a Celtic Thunder Cruise and a Malt Shop Cruise.

I booked a great deal at the US Grant hotel in San Diego and, as it turns out, the place is really nice. I decided to walk to the hotel with my bags from the pier since it wasn't far (perhaps a mile) but I didn't anticipate how sunny it was this morning so I was pretty sweaty by the time I arrived. First thing through the door one of the employees offered me a bottle of water and they checked me in early to a nice room on a Starwood Preferred Guest floor (how swanky).

I went to lunch with a couple of good friends from the ship at one of my favourite sushi spots, RA.  After saying goodbye to them I checked in for tomorrow's flights and got a pretty decent deal on an upgrade to executive class which I promptly took. I'm not sitting in my room at the hotel and enjoying not having to worry about a schedule or anything like that; I guess this is what it's like to live in a world of jet setting.