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out with the old, in with the new

Jonathan Tom

So, the inevitable has happened - I upgraded to the iPhone5. I can hear the groans now but hear me out... while I fully admit I'm an Apple Fanboy, I don't upgrade my phone with every model or at least, I haven't yet. I had an iPhone 3G and then an iPhone 4 and now I have an iPhone 5. All of my other Apple products are upgraded pretty regularly but the phones, for some reason, I've been skipping a version.

Anyhow, the phone itself is pretty nice. Sleek, lightweight and zippy it performs as advertised. It's not to say that it's not without it's let downs, specifically in the form of iOS6. The usual gripes that you've already read online by now apply: Maps is pretty terrible and Passbook is far too dependant on the developers. While Maps isn't what it should be, I don't think it was possible for Apple to enter the ring with any initial chance of upsetting Google. Tim Cook knows this, they haven't handled it in the best way but I do believe that it'll improve over time and since I don't make a whole lot of use of the Maps application to begin with I'm not too fussed.

I was really excited by the idea of Passbook and when I got the phone I was initially pretty confused as to how it was supposed to work. There were issues getting it off the ground on day 1 (or what was day 1 for me) in the sense that the link in the Passbook "application" took you to a section of the App Store that was designed for Passbook applications but there was an error which simply left you hanging with a "Cannot Connect to iTunes Store" message.

The biggest let down with Passbook is the fact that it relies on developers to support it and build it into their applications meaning that there's not really a standard or guideline; it's just all over the place. Once you, as a user, have gotten through the procedure of getting the app card or coupon to appear in passbook, it works pretty well as you would expect but getting it there... that's a bit of a challenge. I'm sure things will work themselves out but I'm a little let down by Apple with this launch; we know their tag line is "Think Different." but anyone who's been with them for any amount of time knows that it's really "It Just Works". In this case it doesn't "just work".

Either way, it was time for an upgrade - out with the old and in with the new.