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if you give a mouse a cookie

Jonathan Tom

Alright so this post is a little late to the party but all the same it's about the student protests in Québec. For those of you who are thinking "what the hell is he talking about?" I'll elaborate a with a little backstory. Earlier this year the government of Québec announced a tuition hike for university students; these students who were going to be facing the hike were upset about having to pay more and started to protest. Of course, that's their right to do so but when things started to get to the point of physically obstructing those students who were opting not to protest it became something more. I'm in favour of exercising your right to protest but don't get in the way of my right to attend the classes I want to attend either. 

Things got even more serious when other people joined the protest for the sake of enjoying the disruption because they weren't necessarily opposed to things getting violent. Things escalated and the police involved the riot police and tear gas. All this over a tax hike that would still have left these students with the lowest tuition fees on the continent... anyway, to get back on track, the government withdrew the tuition hike recently and now the students are protesting for free education. Clearly they've not asked the tax payers how they feel about it.

If you give a mouse a cookie...