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what happens in vegas


I realize that this post is a little late - I was in Las Vegas from April 2nd through April 9th which is to say that I have been home almost a week. As you're about to see though, it's not like I've been sitting on my ass the whole time... I've had a few things going on. 

So Las Vegas was great. I was there for a week and got to spend time with some really amazing people, some of whom I've not seen in a while and some I've seen recently but it was great to catch up with them either way. I got a great deal at the MGM Grand and the flights were pretty decent as well, no super crazy layovers and I kind of like the Detroit airport. 

I saw Le Reve and Peep Show (with Holly Madison) while I was there. Le Reve was pretty good - it was a very Cirque du Soleil-esque show which is not realy surprising given that it's a Franco Dragone show. That being said, it was entertaining and impressive. Peep Show started off very much like a burlesque show with a fantasy theme involving storybook characters like Bo Peep and the Big Bad Wolf.

Since I've been back in Montreal I've been pretty focused on the fact that I have to move this coming end of June which is fine but here's the catch... I won't be in the country; or even the hemisphere when this all goes down. That's right, I'll be under contract in the Mediterranean which means I need to have all my ducks in a row pretty soon. There's a lot of sorting out places to live and packing to be done so there's been a lot of that going on.

I am looking forward to the move though, as much as I love my city it'll be a new start somewhere new which is always refreshing. Fun times ahead!