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resolutionary... really?


So Apple announced the "new iPad" yesterday and, of course, I've pre-ordered mine already. While that was inevitable and I'm relatively happy with the new features there are a few things that have made me wonder if these were decisions that Steve a jobs would have made.

First and foremost would be the choice of tag line "resolutionary" which is a terrible play on the word revolutionary. I feel like this is something that might have been thought up by an intern right out of marketing 101. I also feel like not giving a distinctive name to the product is a faux pas that will confuse quite a few of their consumers. I can see this being more of a problem when the next iPad comes out though.

Are we putting too much pressure on Tim Cook? It's clear that he has enormous shoes to fill and that it's likely no matter what he does people will still criticize him because he's not Steve Jobs. Investors seem to think that hes doing alright if AAPL is any indicator. Only time Wil tell but really Tim? "Resolutionary", really?