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take my money


So Adobe has released Lightroom 4 today and I would love to upgrade my copy of Lightroom 3 except I'm finding that their website won't allow Lightroom 4's upgrade or full version to be added to the cart for checkout. Barring some major technical error there really isn't much reason for this type of thing to happen. Adobe's not a newcommer to the e-commerce business, this isn't a new e-store and there seems to be no trouble adding other products to my cart so I have to believe that the issue is with their site.

It's only frustrating because I want to legitimately upgrade my copy and this type of setback is annoying. Now I believe they'll probably have this sorted out fairly soon but it's this type of challenge that leads to people circumventing established (and legal) purchasing schemes. If you want to succeed as a business then you have to make it easy for the consumer to spend money with you; iTunes is a prime example of this strategy.

So listen up Adobe, "take my money".