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sea no evil


I was recently given a link to an article in the Telegraph with the title "Sea No Evil: The Life of a Modern Sailor" which covers what amounts to abuse of seafarers in our modern society. Now, I should hasten to note that the circumstances in this article refer primarily to cargo ships and that situations on cruise ships are significantly better. Nevertheless it makes for an intersting read that I think you, our devoted reader, might enjoy.

The abuse of what land living "normals" consider to be basic rights might be shocking but it's something that deserves attention. A small section of the article towards the beginning that particularly resounded with me was a statistic that 37 ships were lost in 2009 and there were no headlines and no mention of the almost 2000 seafarers who lost their lives there. What if there had been 37 airplane crashes, or 37 train crashes?

If the article interests you... click here.