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Ottawa, Ontario

Just a little corner of the interwebz where I occasionally jot down a thought or two. Why do I do it? Partly to communicate in some way with you, the reader, and partly because it's some sad way of leaving a legacy of some kind I guess.


Alphabet Soup


How many letters do you have after your name? What do I mean and why am I asking? Well, I took the InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist exam today and passed which let me to adding CTS to the end of my name (No, I'm not just doing this on my own). It's exciting, I know... try to contain your enthusiasm.

I was looking at my email signature after appropriately appending to it when it struck me that there are many many different combinations of letters and accreditations that can be put after your name. Just off the top of my head I can think of several; CTS, CTS-I, CTS-D, CSA, ASA, PMP, et cetera. How many letter come after your name and what do they mean?