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Veritas Ex


I read a post ealier today over at a blog called Contructed Thoughts and it struck  chord with me as, I'm sure, it will resonate with each of you. After all, who amongst us doesn't have an "ex"? I would encourage you to mosey on over to his blog and check it out after you've finished reading this one of course. In case you needed any further encouragement, here's a paraphrased exerpt from the post I'm referring to. For the full post click here.

An “ex” is a very curious thing to have. Personally, I never know what to do with them or how to relate to them. This is puzzling, considering months, or years before, I had shared a life, my body and my “love” with this person. For some of us, that estranged ex was once the centre of our world, some of us may have even forsaken friends and family for that person. Some of us may even have excessively sweet stories to tell. Stories of intrigue and romance. That first smile, first kiss, first time the penis was made to know the vagina (or whatever variation of that meeting you may engage in).

And then one day, there was a parting of ways; a bitter, hostile, hateful parting of ways.

Often times that is the genesis of the hatred. One person feels used. Having loved, and loved so fiercely, you are told that it isn’t working out and you’re about to become the ex. Rage and a feeling of betrayal, then white hot intense hatred. Why should we hate them though? Shouldn’t we be happy to be released from a union where we aren’t getting the best of the person? What clouds our minds and our rational thoughts that we fight to hold on to these unhealthy relationships? Even in that period of anger, some of us beg and plead for another chance, as if we did something wrong. Why? Is it fear of being alone? Fear of life outside of the habit of being with that person? I’m still trying to understand that. I’m not above reproach in this matter, I’ve stupidly begged too. I’ve cried and pleaded too. I’ve put my dignity on the line, just to be taken back. I’ve sent the occasional desperate message. I’ve done it all. I can’t understand why though. I really can’t, but I’ve done it.

This is really just a piece of the blog which, as I said earlier, you should definitely check out. Well? What are you waiting for, go check it out!