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Ottawa, Ontario

Just a little corner of the interwebz where I occasionally jot down a thought or two. Why do I do it? Partly to communicate in some way with you, the reader, and partly because it's some sad way of leaving a legacy of some kind I guess.

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Who Am I?


Let’s get straight to the point shall we? You’re here reading this page, possibly even before reading any of my actual posts, because you want to know who the hell I am and why you should care what I have to say about anything. Well, the short answer is that I am an awesome guy and therefore you should be interested in what I have to say and hang off my every word… alright, perhaps not but if you’re lucky I might toss out the occasional post that could possibly be relevant to you.

I’m an eccentric amalgamation of the technically minded and creative sides of the entertainment industry. I’ve worked for the last several years onboard cruise ships doing everything from sound to lights, to stage automation to stage management with varying degrees of success and to top it all off I make a pretty mean coffee. No really, it’s liable to jump out of the cup and beat the crap out of you – I wouldn’t advise drinking it. I thoroughly enjoy my job and because of that it rarely actually feels like work. What I’m getting at here is that I spend a lot of time “at work” but in my down time I enjoy playing guitar and snapping a photo or two which, incidentally, you can check out here.

If you're looking to hire me then you can grab a copy of my resume for your perusal or if you're looking for information on how to get hired on cruise ships and Holland America Line in particular you can follow the jump here.

Blogging isn’t really something I got into thinking I’d be doing it this long. Now, granted, I don’t blog everyday or even as often as I sometimes would like but I have been doing “this” for almost five years. I started my first blog in an attempt to make communication and staying in touch with friends back home easier. In some ways it’s been successful and in other ways I’ve seen less than stellar results… what can you do? Let’s answer some common questions shall we…

I’m currently living in Ottawa, Ontario; right in the downtown core and by “living” I mean that’s where my current address points. I spend more time than not on a ship but the government really doesn’t appreciate it when your address sits in international waters. As for my age, I’ll just tell you that I was born June 16th, 1979 and I’ll let you do the math.

My favourite movie – I should preface this by saying that these answers can change at any time without prior notice or even without updating this page, so basically these answers are useless – however, since you asked… my favourite movie is The Usual Suspects, my favourite book would be any of the Jack Reacher stories by Lee Childs. My favourite cuisine is by far asian and by that I mean all forms of asian cuisine from thai to cantonese.

Got more questions for me? You can reach out and touch me (easy now)... there are links at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, if you're wondering where I am, where I am going to be or where I have been; take a look here.